Baroque is a club and restaurant, which belong to the same family, yet have two very different characteristics. The main inspiration for the club was to introduce ‘new money’ aspirations to ‘old money’ sensibilities. This was achieved by creating a space that emulated the interior of a vault within a bank that was adapted for a hedonistic lifestyle.

The pattern of the logo and its duality was used as a design element punctuating the overall nightclub theme in plush embellishments and tapestry in rich colours for an overarching sense of luxury and glamour.

The restaurant was designed to be the alter-ego of the nightclub with the same name. The area is pristine and clean with light colours to emulate the ‘heavenly’ dining experience of this signature dining venue. The double height wine cellar is a distinct design feature that works as the central point of enchantment for guests whilst beautifully connecting the two spaces.

SIZE: 313 M2